Self Care September… and beyond!

1st September 2015

Today we are launching a new campaign, urging our patients to treat minor ailments at home.

It’s called Be Self Care Aware, and it encourages people to stock up their medicines cabinets, think about using services like local pharmacies for advice on minor ailments, and to manage things like coughs, colds and upset tummies; minor cuts and minor burns at home.

Many minor ailments are not of a serious nature and you really don’t need to see a GP with them.  Quite often these things resolve themselves in a short time, and if treatment is needed, over the counter remedies can usually help from your local pharmacy.

We want to make sure that our GP Practices have appointments available for patients with more complex problems, such as asthma and diabetes, and from September, Bury GP Practices won’t routinely prescribe items to treat minor ailments, so the self care message is more important than ever.

Self care puts people more in control, and I think confident to treat minor ailments at home.  And help is close to hand if you need advice with a minor condition.  There’s lot of information online on NHS Choices and many people don’t realise how versatile pharmacy services are.

Every year millions of people in the UK visit their GP for minor health problems that a local pharmacist could easily resolve.  They are experts in medicines and can help with lots of everyday ailments like diarrhoea, minor infections, headaches, bites, stings and head lice  You don’t even need to make an appointment.

Self care isn’t just about treating problems that have already happened, it’s about being proactive about your health, like having the flu jab, taking up the offer of screening and knowing when you need support and advice, and where to find it.

I really hope local people will help to spread the word about managing minor ailments at home, and keep a look out for information we are making available in GP Practices, online, in the media and on Twitter including top tips to self care and information on the range of services to best meet your needs.

Thanks for reading.

Nigget Saleem, Medicines Management Lead
NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)