My marathon journey

In April this year I ran the Manchester Marathon, not my smartest decision, but I wanted to be able to say I have managed one! I enjoy running – it’s great for stress… Continue reading

Planning ahead

As I write this I am reliably informed that there are 31 days, 11 hours, 15 minutes and 56 seconds till Christmas and counting. Once again I am left reflecting on my resolution… Continue reading

Introducing… Big White Wall

Being a dad and sharing the house with teenagers, it’s easy to see how technology appeals to them in their everyday life. My daughter Gila (pictured to the right of the photo, with me… Continue reading

Talking about it won’t make it happen…

Ok I admit it. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. In fact we all are in my house and have read the books and watched the films several times over, often with a… Continue reading

Is March your time to go smokefree?

Whether it’s stepping on the spent stubs that litter roads and pavements, seeing people ‘spark up’ in stair wells and door arches on dinner breaks, or catching an unsuspected whiff of a burning… Continue reading

One chance to get it right

In our house we’ve had a recent success – my little girl has finally managed to do a backwards walkover at gymnastics. We were all so proud when she rang the bell to… Continue reading

Healthy, happy January…

Just before Christmas, I went to another parents evening. I have been attending parents evening for over 25 years, and I expected the normal trauma. Waiting in long queues to see weary teachers,… Continue reading

Self Care September… and beyond!

1st September 2015 Today we are launching a new campaign, urging our patients to treat minor ailments at home. It’s called Be Self Care Aware, and it encourages people to stock up their… Continue reading

All about dementia

I’m really pleased that dementia is a priority area for the CCG, around 2,300 people in Bury are living with dementia, and we are committed to improving the diagnosis and care for them.… Continue reading

Spring into health

Spring is just around the corner, and with it, hopefully some better weather.  Like me, you might be planning on getting more active and out and about on walks with friends and family,… Continue reading